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 1) Does it cost anything to use The Advertiser?
No, posting of ads is FREE for the general public! For featured ads you have the option of paying a minimal £3.00 fee per advert.

2) Can I really sell anything?
You can sell anything as long as it is legal! Our Terms & Conditions are listed during the advert placing stage. 

3) How long will my ad run?
Your ad will run for 30 days, after which time you have the option to re-list if needed.

4) How do I change my password?
Once you log in, you will see ‘Manage my Ads’ at the top of the page or ‘Manage Ads’ in the top of the right hand column on the homepage. Click on either and it will take you to your personalised dashboard.
Click ‘Edit Profile’ on the right then scroll down to the middle of the page you will find a section to change your password.
When you’re done, simply save the changes and that is it. Remembering to make a note of your new password of course!

5) How can I pause/delete my ad?
To pause your ad (take it offline), simply click the pause symbol that’s located beside your ad on the dashboard.

6) How can I submit some feedback on your site?
We love hearing from our users, so any input is great! If you have a general question regarding your listing or just want to contact us directly about something; please email us at sales@thecyprusdirectory.com.


4 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. I have some musical instruments to sell but cannot see a category that caters for me.

  2. Hello AJay,

    A ‘Musical Instruments’ category has been added; thank you for the suggestion.

    The Advertiser Team

  3. Hi Paul, WordPress, don’t you just love it 🙂

    A few suggestions for other categories:

    Events (What’s On)
    Bars and Restaurants
    Sports and Clubs
    Lonely Hearts
    Speciality Services
    Health Matters

    Best of luck with your site.

    • Hi a1sysman,

      Thank you for the suggestions and your good wishes. Other categories have of course been considered and will be added as the content grows. Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome.


      The Advertiser Team

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